Signs of Baby Dental Growth

Signs of Baby Dental Growth – have different times. Usually the baby teeth growth begins at the age of 4 months – 6 months. But do not close the possibility if less than that age, or beyond that age. Every parent can not predict the growth of her baby’s teeth.

Signs of Baby Dental Growth

But parents can see some signs on the baby if their teeth begin to grow. Some babies will feel very uncomfortable during their teething, and the baby’s effects will cry more often. But there is also a process of growing baby teeth quickly, without feeling disturbed at all.

Baby teeth growth in general can be seen from some of the following signs:

  • Frequent saliva
    Growth of baby teeth stimulates saliva, and usually starts to appear more often salivate from the age of 10 weeks.
  • Rashes appear in some parts of the body
    Because of frequent salivation, and frequent contact of saliva with some parts of the baby’s body, among others, face, neck, mouth area, etc. This causes a disruptive rash for the baby. Wiping his saliva with a handkerchief is helpful. Or give this baby special skin cream is also very helpful.
  • Babies often bite
    Do not get angry when your baby starts biting your nipples while breastfeeding, this doubles that the baby is experiencing pressure on the outgoing teeth, causing itching on the gums that are ventilated through the bite.
  • Pain
    Some go through the growth of baby teeth with pain caused by inflammation that occurs in soft tissue, especially when their first graham teeth grow.
  • Cough
    Coughing is caused by the intensity of more saliva and causes the baby to choke or cough.
  • Refused to eat
    Because some of the pain experienced by the baby, some refuse to eat, even refused to breastfeed because gum inflammation. Nevertheless keep the baby given breast milk.
  • Low fever
    Usually arise due to infant immunity is low when the growth of baby teeth appear. If the fever is more than 3 days consult a doctor.
  • Pull your ear or rub your cheek
    This happens because the baby is upset because itching caused by the baby’s teeth.
  • Hematous gums
    Seen some red gums like swelling, can be overcome with the help of cold compress.

Remember: as mentioned above, not all children experience unpleasant things when their baby’s teeth grow. Enjoy your baby’s teeth


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