Simple Steps to Prevent Disease Stroke

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Simple Steps to Prevent Disease Stroke

Simple Steps to Prevent Disease Stroke – One of the most diseases claimed many victims is stroke. Health experts agree that stroke can be prevented, one of them by making healthy lifestyle.
Disease Stroke

“Stroke classified devastating disease, but we know 50 percent of the disease can be prevented,” said cardiologist from St. George’s Univesity in London, John Camm.

Here are five steps suggested by the experts to get rid of stroke as reported by Medical Daily.

1. Stop smoking

The first step to change habits to be healthier is to throw away the cigarettes. Tobacco products is associated with a number of health problems such as cancer, heart disease and others.
Smoking can increase triglycerides in the blood, lowering levels of good cholesterol (HDL), damage the lining of blood flow and clog the blood flow.

2. Regular exercise

A recent study found that running two hours per day can reduce women’s risk of suffering a stroke by about 50 percent. Moreover, active physical activity can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure -both it is closely linked to stroke risk.
3. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity or being overweight associated with risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Maintain your ideal body weight.

4. Eat healthy foods

Research has shown the consumption of fruits and vegetables and nuts and fish can reduce the risk of stroke significantly.

5. Relax

If you feel too many bad habits that should be changed for the sake of a healthy life, the first thing you need to do is to relax and reduce stress.

Studies have found that high stress associated with higher blood pressure and this memunclkan greater risk of stroke, particularly in women.

When stress was hit, try to slowly reduce the levels for example by doing simple things however you like as a bath, take a walk, go to the gym and others.

“I strongly suggest the need for a healthier lifestyle and consult with a physician to determine other possible risk factors you need to consider,” said Camm.

In women, for example, he added, irregular heartbeat, can lead to stroke, high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, depression and obesity is greater.

“Getting cardiovascular health screening can help women reduce the risk of stroke better,” said Camm.

In addition, air pollution, hormone replacement therapy, hormonal changes during menopause, birth control pills, also known to be a risk factor for stroke in women.


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