Skin care tips before bed

Skin care tips before bed

Skin care tips before bed
Skin care tips before bed

Skin is one of the valuable assets of our body. So after working all day, it is better if you clean the skin before going to bed. Listen skin care tips before sleep more, as reported by Mag for Women below.

Cleanse pores
The main goal is to treat the skin before bed to clean the pores from being clogged by dust and dirt that cause acne.

Moisturizers are good
Choose a cleanser and a moisturizer that is suitable according to your skin type before bed to keep the natural beauty of your skin.

Once a week
Once a week, you also need to do the scrubbing or exfoliating. This was done to clean the skin cells are already dead.

Nightgown loose
Do not wear clothes that are too tight when sleeping. Use nightgown loose so that the skin can breathe freely.

sleep on their backs
Familiarize yourself to sleep on their backs so that lines the inside of the face with a pillow is not depressed and hurt skin.

Aroma therapy
Use a soothing fragrance before you sleep. Thus you can relax and sleep will be more restful.

Eating oranges
At dinner, enjoy citrus fruit or salad to hydrate the skin. Besides citrus, good sources of water can be obtained from watermelon, melon, and grapefruit.

Drink water
Of course, you also need to drink water before going to bed. Not only keep your skin hydrated, drinking water is also capable of digestion.

night cream
Many people have dry skin and sensitive. If you, too, apply a night cream in the area elbows, knees and heels are dry.

In addition to a night cream, you can also use the lotion to the hands and body. Wrap your feet with socks to keep skin soft when you wake up.

That’s skin care tips before going to bed. Do you always do that?


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