Easily And Smoothly Face Skin Smoothing

Easily And Smoothly Face Skin Smoothing – Smooth faces are everyone’s dream, especially women. With a smooth facial skin, then a person’s confidence level will increase. Do you want to have smooth skin? Here are some ways to smooth the facial skin you can do

Easily And Smoothly Face Skin Smoothing

Face Skin Smoothing

1. Using a powder

Powder can help smooth the skin. Besides powder can also prevent the onset of oil on the face. We recommend that when buying powder, choose powder. Because the powder is a mild texture so it can help smooth the skin.

2. Using a face mask

Lots of facial mask products that can help smooth the skin. But the use of natural materials will be better. For that use a natural mask, such as masks from bengkoang and egg whites. Masks from bengkoang can be used to whiten skin and smooth the skin. While egg whites can be used to tighten the skin as well as smooth the skin.

How to smooth the skin with a natural face mask is the first to prepare bengkoang that has been cleaned from the skin. Then cut into pieces and blender until smooth. Clean the face and apply the bengkoang had been in the blender to face until smooth. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and clean using water until clean.

As for making a mask of egg whites, you simply prepare the egg whites and apply it to the face that has been cleaned. Then allow to dry and clean using warm water. That way you can do at home and cheap does not require a high cost.

In addition to the mask of bengkoang and egg whites, actually masks of rice can also be used to smooth the skin. In addition to smoothing the skin, masks of rice can also be used to whiten the skin naturally. How to make a mask from rice that is enough rice wash and soak in water for several hours. Then grab the rice, and mash up a little smooth. Clean the face and apply the rice to the face for 20 to 30 minutes. Clean using water until clean, then instantly your face will be smooth.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil in addition to moisturize the skin can also smooth the skin. The way you simply apply olive oil to the skin evenly. After that, leave to dry by itself. Do caramenghaluskan this facial skin at night before bed, then in the morning you will feel your skin is smoother than usual.

4. Mud Mask

In addition to some masks above, there is still another mask that can smooth the skin. The mask is a mud mask. Mask from mud is a mask that you can buy at a beauty store, or you can make yourself at home. How to make your own is very easy, you just prepare a clean mud and applied to the face. After that leave for 20 minutes and rinse with water until clean.


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