Sports Tips For Maintaining Health The Elderly

Sports Tips For Maintaining Health the elderlyBeing old is definitely not an option but it is sure to happen to anyone, but healthy in the old days it is an option. Besides caring for or managing the diet to keep the body healthy in the old age, know in fact the important sports activities for the elderly.

Maintaining Health The Elderly

From a variety of experts researchers have proven that those who choose a relaxed lifestyle in fact become one of the main factors of heart disease risk. While those who always routinely exercise regularly can reduce the death and severity of a disease of certain diseases, especially those associated with age.

A study from Japan explains, for sports elderly should be examined first about what type of sport that fits. This subject is due to the physical condition of each elderly different fiber different types of activities also must be different so that the sport will be healthy. In essence, sports for the elderly should be started from a very mild sporting, then gradually will increase until the activity is. In order to obtain maximum results there are three types of sports components both for the elderly include:

Type of Sports for the elderly (elderly)

  • This strength training can be done for example by lifting a bottle of mineral water to do slowly the land begins without lifting the load first and then by lifting the burden so that the joints are not surprised and regular. In addition, strength training can be done in other ways such as, get up and stand up from the chair do not forget to do this also slowly.
  • This balance exercise is a very important exercise because it is clearly scientifically proven, but empirically good to do to improve stability and avoid the risk of falling. How to exercise like this can be done in a way, for example: standing on one leg, stretching muscles of the arms and leg muscles, this subject is the same as when doing warm up before doing sports activities in general. This type of exercise can be done twice a week.
  • This aerobic exercise is an exercise exercise for heart and lung health, various body movements in general such as running, cycling, swimming or walking. This type of exercise can be done regularly and regularly every day for 30 minutes.

A study of this, the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Wellbeing launched an elderly care system or called the “long-tern care insurance system”. This subject aims to support the elderly in order to stay healthy by doing sports activities. Because if they (the elderly) are healthy, of course this subject could affect the economic income in the category of health costs.

Exercise is very important, not just plays an important role in health but also the health of the elderly. Regardless of that the role of the people closest should contribute to support and give elderly spirit to perform these activities.


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