How to Stay Healthy with 5 Simple Things

Stay healthy – Sometimes we often fall asleep with our daily habits that make the body becomes unhealthy. Well, for that very necessary for us to always maintain a healthy body, however, because health is the main thing so that we can remain in a condition fit every day. How to stay healthy? Now it can be done in simple ways with little change our bad habits every day.

stay healthy
Here are 5 simple ways on how to stay healthy:

Moving two minutes every hour

If we do not move then it would be bad for health, especially just sit all day while we are working in the office. This habit can cause increased heart disease, colon cancer, and other diseases are daunting. But, you do not have to deal with excessive or replace the working position by standing all day to avoid these health problems. Recent research from the University of Utah Health Sciences suggested running for two minutes every hour just to greet a colleague or take a drink of water. It’s enough to counter the negative effects of sitting all day. In fact, doing the activity for two minutes or more was associated with a 33 percent reduction in risk of death among the study participants. So start up and running in between your busy work.

Reduce one sugary drink every day

The study Harvard School of Public Health, sweetened beverages become a major source of high calories consumed by teens. Appropriate solutions to overcome this, of course with a total stop consuming. However, if this is difficult to do, try to reduce the consumption of piecemeal. For example, if you always used to drink three glasses of sweet iced tea in a day, begin to reduce it to two cups. After that, you will feel the benefits to the body. Recent research published in the Journal of Diabetologia showed that replacing one cup sweetened beverage a day with water or tea and coffee without sugar can cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 14-25 percent.

Looking out the window of 40 seconds

It is a habit that is most easily done on how to stay healthy. When you begin to fatigue or loss of concentration, you do not need to remodel your work space or a break in a long time to restore concentration. Research published in the Journal of Environmental Osychology showed that study participants made fewer errors and the level of concentration in the higher work after they spent 40 seconds to enjoy the green scenery outside through the window of the office.

Walk for 20 minutes every day

Walking becomes easy way on how to stay healthy. When you find it difficult to start a healthy habit of regular exercise, start by walking every day. The study, released earlier this year from the University of Cambridge showed that walking 20 minutes a day is enough to reduce the risk of premature death. “It’s a simple message, just by doing physical activity in a small amount every day is very influential on the health of those who are not physically active,” said Ulf Ekelund of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidiomiology Unit, University of Cambridge.

Nap for 30 minutes

Sleep is the third pillar of health, and is also a very important role on how to stay healthy, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise. Lack of sleep associated with various adverse conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and depression. Unfortunately, there are times when for a person to sleep for 8 hours a day according to the recommendations of health. The good news is, a little nap can help overcome them. Recent research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that twice 30 minutes nap helps restore hormone effects at night just to sleep two hours. Other benefits of naps can improve performance and alertness.

Well, of research studies have been carried out above, of course, many ways of how to keep your body healthy. No need to do the hard way and the weight, if the simple things can be done. Start by changing the behavior of your bad habits that are not good for health. How to stay healthy with 5 simple things that have been described above can be done from now on.


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