Stress during pregnancy is not good

Stress during pregnancy is not good

Stress during pregnancy – When pregnant women experience prolonged stress, the terrible effects on the fetus can survive long succession. When stressed, the body gets the signal resembles a state of danger, so naturally releases the hormone cortisol and other hormones as a precaution. The heart rate becomes faster than usual.

Managing Stress during pregnancy well can help the body to get back to the point of initial balance. Instead, the stress left alone or not well managed risk changing natural stress management system owned body. As a result, pregnant women actually overreact and trigger a response that was ablaze. This is not good for the health of the pregnancy and invites problems in fetal development.

Stress during pregnancy is not good
Here are some of the dangers of stress that is not managed well for the health of the mother and fetus.

Affect the fetal brain. Chronic stress contributes to the process of the formation of the fetal brain abnormalities that can lead to behavioral problems in the continued growth of the baby. However, it still needs more research to confirm this.
Impact on the growth and development of infants. Some data indicate that chronic stress triggers in pregnant women who are not accompanied by good stress management skills associated with the birth of a baby with a low birth weight or premature birth. It is due to decreased blood flow to the uterus, which can significantly affect fetal development.
Premature birth. Stress can also affect the placenta of pregnant women. When women experience stress, especially in the first trimester, the placenta increase production of corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). This hormone is responsible for managing the duration of the pregnancy. The hormone levels were higher than they should be able to accelerate the duration of the pregnancy, so the risk babies born prematurely.
Reduced supply of oxygen to the fetus. When pregnant women feel the anxiety, the body will produce stress hormones that can affect the fetus, ie epinephrine and norepinephrine that affect tightens blood vessels and reduces the oxygen supply to the uterus.

Is actually a normal thing when a pregnant woman experiences stress. However, do not let the stress becomes prolonged and become more severe.

Some stress management following steps can help pregnant women to be more calm in the face of pregnancy and prepare to be a mother.

Talk. Exchanging thoughts and feelings can make the mother feel better. Tell me what to worry about the couple. Share experiences with other pregnant women with the same stage of pregnancy can also help.
Inadequate rest. Mom needs to rest and have personal time for myself and the fetus. Try to nap routine. Additionally, sang to the fetus is also useful as a reinforcement of the bond between mother and baby. From the age of about 23 weeks, the baby in the womb can already hear the mother’s voice.
Exercising. Mild exercise such as swimming and walking around is safe to do by pregnant women. These activities can help improve mood. Do not forget to do a light warm.
Create a list of purposes. If the worry is financial problems, make a priority list. Choose which can still be borrowed from relatives, such as a baby or other equipment, and which had to be purchased. This could ease the anxiety of the mother.
Troubleshooting trip. If the mother is a worker, ask the management if allowed to reduce working time to avoid traffic jams. If the mother is traveling using public transportation, be sure to sit down. If no one is offered a seat, politely ask.
Prepare yourself for parenthood. Family life and the nurturing and educating children requires skill. Mom can learn by asking parents or friends who have had babies on their experience of parenthood as well as useful tips.
A good diet. Healthy food is necessary for physical and psychological health. Try to eat foods that contain omega 3, vitamins, and minerals is sufficient. In addition, be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
Relaxation. Try to learn breathing techniques and meditation. In addition, think positively in order to avoid stress. Laugh, meet friends, watch a funny movie, can also be a fun way of relaxation.

Let’s become a more positive person and happy to welcome the birth of the little one! No need to worry too much into everything and never Stress during pregnancy . Try to do the above tips, accompanied by regularly consult a gynecologist. When the stress experienced can not be managed with the above steps, the mother may need the help of experts. Do not hesitate to consult a psychologist.


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