Five Tips Take Care Of Your Nails To Be So Easy To Break

Five Tips Take Care of Your Nails To Be So Easy To Break – Brittle nails, easily broken, and looks dull is one of the characteristics of an unhealthy nail. This can be caused by the wrong way when you treat your nails or due to lack of nutritional intake in the body. A number of the following tips can strengthen your nails to become stronger and not easily broken.

Five Tips Take Care of Your Nails To Be So Easy To Break

1. Do not cut the nail cuticle

Dana Stern, a dermatologist from Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, said one of the causes of brittle nails is the habit of cutting the nail cuticle. The cuticle is a layer of skin at the base where the nail grows, which serves as a natural barrier of fungi and bacteria.

Removing the nail cuticle just means you are removing your nail’s natural protection system. Cuticle cuts can also have an impact on nail infections that will cause red rash, swelling, uneven nails, even permanent damage to your nails.

2. Avoid using nail hardeners indiscriminately

Not all nail care products on the market either effect to nails. An example is a hardener, and Dr. Stern cautioned that there are still many body-care products that have not been clinically tested yet.

Instead of wanting to strengthen your nails using a hardener, your nails will instead become brittle and yellowish. In fact, healthy nails are flexible nails (easy to move, not hard). So to prevent broken or brittle, avoid using chemicals that are not yet clear.

3. Give your nails a moisturizer

Although not many medical data can prove the power of moisturizers to strengthen the nail polish, but from experience nembing moisturizer can actually nourish and protect the cuticle.

Margaret Ravits, a dermatologist from Hackensack University Medical Center says if you have fragile vulnerable nails, use a nail moisturizer on the nail surface regularly. Moisturizers can moisturize and reduce the incidence of cracks and breaks on the tip and surface of the nail.

4. Drink biotin supplements

In some studies, researchers found that biotin supplements (vitamin B derivatives), can increase the thickness of the nails and prevent the nails so easily cracked and broken. In addition, a study in Germany examined 45 participants who had severe nail damage. Well, 90 percent of participants are given 2.5 milligrams of biotin each day for several months. As a result, some people showed a good improvement in their nails than those who were not given biotin intake.

5. Avoid using acetone for nails

All dermatologists agree that the use of acetone or the legal wax removal solution is to be avoided if you are to strengthen your nails. In fact, acetone can cause yellowing and dulling of the nails. Acetone exposure also has its own health effects on the body, such as headaches and lethargy. Instead you can remove the kutek with a natural liquid made from lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. In addition to cheaper and healthier, your nails will look stronger and brighter shine.


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