Things That Cause Dental Children Black

Things That Cause Dental Children Black – Baby’s and baby’s teeth should have a whiter than adult teeth, because of the more fluorine content. However, not a few parents are faced with the problem of black teeth in children. Actually, what is it that causes children with black teeth? Is this permanent or can be bleached again?

Things That Cause Dental Children Black


Things That Cause Dental Children Black

Infants and children are equipped with 20 milk teeth, and will begin to date one by one as they grow older. But before entering that period, many children are faced with the problem of black teeth. Black teeth can be caused by various things. Here are some reasons :

1. Do not keep oral hygiene well

Familiarize the child to keep his teeth clean properly, by brushing his teeth routine 2 times a day. If you are a baby then you can brush your baby’s teeth. Because, if the area of the mouth is not clean, then plaque made from the remains of food can accumulate and eventually cause the teeth turn black.

When the milk teeth are dated one by one, then the tooth color will return to normal white. If in any doubt, you should discuss this with the dentist who handles your child.

2. Injury to the teeth and gums

Injuries to the teeth and gums can change the color of the baby’s teeth. For example, when playing and falling so that the gums bleed. If the blood does not come out, then the blood will clot in the gums and ultimately affect the color of the gums and teeth. Teeth can change color to blue to blackish. If you find this happens to your child, you should immediately take him to the dentist.

3. Using certain medicinal products

There are some medications that have side effects of eliminating or reducing tooth enamel levels. Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth that serves to protect the teeth. The diminishing enamel will affect dental health, including brilliant white.

If your baby is given certain medications from a doctor, make sure that you have known all the possible side effects. If interference occurs in the teeth or mouth, immediately consult your doctor to the doctor.

4. Genetic defects

Another thing that is most likely to cause black teeth in children is the genetic origin. This condition is rare, but not impossible. Certain genes are known to make a person’s dental color even more black even if the person is very guarding the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth.

Usually people who have this genetic will have a blue color, gray, to blackish on his teeth. This condition can occur in the baby’s teeth and permanent teeth when he is an adult.


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