This Causes Body Odor In Women

This Causes Body Odor In Women – Problems with body odor must be one of the scary thing for every woman. Not just make people around feel uncomfortable, self-confidence can also go free aka not make confident. In addition to always maintain the cleanliness of the body, there are some other things you need to consider if you do not want to experience this one problem. Apparently ya, there are many factors that cause body odor that sometimes you do not realize. Let’s find out what are the causes of body odor so you can be alert from now on!

This Causes Body Odor In Women


This Causes Body Odor In Women

Here Is The Cause Of Body Odor In Women :

1. Excessive Activities

When doing exhausting physical activity, normally the body will sweat. Well, actually sweating is the way the body to cool down. As body temperature rises, millions of sweat glands will be activated and out through the pores. When the sweat evaporates, the temperature will cool. That’s why you can not prevent sweat out in the hot air. Basically, the sweat is odorless and colored. The resulting odor is a contribution of bacteria that absorbs sweat in the body. In order for your body to stay awake, try to use anti-perspirant deodorant before the move. Also wear clothes that absorb sweat during physical activity such as sports

2. Food & Beverages Consumed

Not only physical activity, there are several types of foods and drinks that trigger the incidence of sweat and body odor, such as red meat, choline-like foods such as liver fish and eggs, onions, alcohol, caffeine, and dairy products. When you consume the various products, the body temperature will increase and trigger the sweat. Natural bacteria in the body will absorb it and release the body odor. To prevent body odor, should avoid these types of foods and try not to lose body fluids when you consume alcohol.

3. Hormones

For women, hormones also have an effect on the onset of body odor, especially when entering the menstrual period. Uncertain hormonal conditions can affect sweat and ability to cope with body temperature. In addition to the area of ​​reproduction, other body parts can also cause bad body odor. So be sure to always keep your body clean, especially during menstruation. How to routinely replace the pads every 3-4 hours once and keep the body clean with a shower 2 times a day.

4. Medical Factors

Well, this is also worth noting. Sometimes, the appearance of excessive sweating is a sign of some diseases, such as diabetes. People with high levels of diabetes usually have difficulty in controlling blood sugar. To replace glucose, the body uses fat as a substitute fuel. The resulting process will produce acidic compounds in considerable amounts.

5. Genetic Disorders

In addition to external factors, there are also some genetic factors that cause the smell of body odor. One of them is trimethylaminuria. This rare genetic disease is a condition of a metabolic disorder that causes the body to release chemical compounds trimethylamine. The compounds can not be broken down by the body, causing body odor, although the agency is not in a condition to sweat. Body odor of this type can not be overcome only by bathing and cleaning. In fact, in the medical world though, has not found a cure to cure this disease. Although only experienced by 1 of 200 thousand people, but the average person with this genetic disease is women.


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