Tips Determining Your Skin Type Easy And Practical

Tips Determining Your Skin Type Easy And Practical – Generally, skin type is divided into 4: normal, dry, oily, and combination. But not a few who are still confused to determine what type of skin. Although it looks trivial, knowing the skin type itself is very important, you know. When we already know the type of skin we have, we also know and can determine approximately what skin care and makeup is right to wear. In addition to being consulted and examined by a dermatologist, we can also check it ourselves at home with ease. And what is needed is simple. Curious? Let’s try it!

Tips Determining Your Skin Type Easy And Practical

Tips Determining Your Skin Type

Some of the items needed would already be in their homes. You only need a facial cleanser that is used every day, a towel to dry your facial skin, and a tissue or blotting paper. Once everything is ready, let’s start by following the following steps.

First, clean your face as usual. There is no special way to wash your face at this stage, but remember, when cleaning your face do not use hot water yes so as not to damage the skin. Use only water with normal temperature. Afterwards let the face dry or pat a clean towel on the face to absorb the rest of the water. Well, once done, do not use any moisturizer, toner, or skin care yes. You should wait about 30 minutes to see what kind of skin condition will be.

After 30 minutes, try gently pressing the tissue or blotting paper on the entire face. Starting from the T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin), cheeks, and other facial areas. Then look at the amount of oil attached. If you notice oil in the entire area of the face, you can be sure that you have an oily skin type. But if oil only appears when you pat the T-Zone, your skin tends to be a combination. If the skin feels damp and only very little oil is absorbed, your skin is normal. If there is no oil on the face and the skin feels as if you are not given any moisturizer, you have dry skin.

How? Easy test above? In addition does not require many tools, you can know the skin type quickly. Do not forget to try at home so you can know what beauty products that match the skin type later.


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