Tips For Maintaining Your Legs Health

Tips For Maintaining Your Legs Health – Activities undertaken every day can make the feet become tired. Every day we must walk and so usually, we often miss the health of the foot. And as a body support, the task of our legs is not easy.

Tips For Maintaining Your Legs Health

Tips For Maintaining Your Legs Health

Our feet are the true foundation of the body. When the feet do not work properly, then we realize how important to maintain foot health.

Tips to take care of your feet to stay healthy are:

  • Always pay attention to foot hygiene.
  • Cut toenails regularly.
  • Always wash your feet after the move.
  • Do not cut the toenails too short, because it can risk injuring the skin and cause infection.
  • If you have foot odor problems, soak your feet regularly by using overnight (oven tea) overnight tea for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Repeat several times a week.
  • Choose shoes made of leather, because the skin can support air circulation in the foot. This is very important to prevent problems due to overly moist feet, such as foot odor.

In addition to maintaining foot health, we also must take care of the feet to keep looking beautiful especially if you often wear open shoes.

Here are tips to treat your feet to keep looking beautiful:

  • Prepare warm water added salt bath / sea salt. Feet washed first to clean, then soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes. In addition to lifting the skin-dry skin, salt is also useful to relieve fatigue in the legs.
  • Rub a heavily cracked heel with a special tool (it can be a pumice stone or special foot refiner). This tool helps to exfoliate dry skin that is attached to the heel.
  • Apply gel scrub gel evenly on the sole of the foot. Massage in the area to remove dead skin cells. Then wipe with a damp cloth and wash thoroughly, then dry with a towel.
  • Apply lotion containing moisturizer to soften and moisturize the feet. While leveling the lotion, do the massage back to make the blood circulation becomes more smoothly. If necessary, use a lotion containing menthol to give a fresh taste, especially on tired feet.
  • To keep the heel moist, wear soft socks when going to sleep, so the heel of the foot feels softer the next day.

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