Tips for Using artificial nails

Tips for Using Fake Artificial Nails

Tips for Using artificial nails – Many women are still afraid to use artificial nails because they worry about the natural nail to be damaged or dull. But actually false nails will not damage your natural nail as long as you know how to use and care of the nails properly.
artificial nails
In addition, damage to nails as artificial nails is much smaller than the risk of damage if you wear nail polish. That is because the natural nail you no direct exposure to the chemicals and dyes contained in the false nails.

Here’s how you can do to get beautiful nails using artificial nails:

1. Find the Fake Nails Size Measuring Pas size and shape of the nail every woman is different. There is a big box, small oval, and others. If the size and shape of your artificial nails are not suited with your original nails, artificial nails will be easy to take and make your cuticles become damaged. Note also the length of your artificial nails. We recommend using artificial nails are not too long so as not to hamper your daily activities.

2. Prioritizing Hygiene Nail
Prior to the use of artificial nails, make sure your nails are clean and dry in order to glue fake nails stick perfectly. Soak your nails in warm water before or after the usage of false nails are also very important to clean the dirt. Gently brush your nails so that the dirt can be raised to the maximum.

3. Usage False Nails
After cleaning and drying your nails, you can instantly install your artificial nails. If when you try artificial nails and feel uncomfortable, you can hone outside edges false nails with emery tool. Then, reinsert the finished nails filed. When it is completely new fit you can glue false nail with glue. Basting glue fake nails do not need too much (do thin) and try to glue does not touch the sides or the cuticles around the nails.

4. Removing False Nails
Removing the artificial nails do not forcibly or too loud! Can damage your natural nail, can even cause pain. In order to facilitate the process of removing the nails, try soaking your fingers in advance and use warm water a few minutes while being massaged (in order to assist the process of stretching the nail glue). After that, remove fake nails from the outside / aside, pull slowly (not from the top or bottom of the nail). Because, often nail glue will leave a mark of your original dikuku.

Henceforth, start cleaning the residual glue stick using acetone. Then, soak your original nails in warm water and apply a moisturizing lotion hand (can be replaced with a body lotion) in order to maintain the moisture balance of your nails. So that the color of your fake nails durable and not dull apply a UV gel or clear top coat after use.

5. Treatment Once you wear artificial nails false nails, glue that is still attached to the artificial nails should be immediately cleaned them by means of scraping or using acetone. Note also your activity while wearing artificial nails. Avoid strenuous activity and using fingers as intense as you use artificial nails.

Activities such as washing clothes, playing guitar or piano, typing the PC keyboard is very uncomfortable if using artificial nails. In addition, chemicals and water can make the glue on false nails cepet stretch. Immediately dry your nails when you are forced into contact with chemicals or water that is too long.

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