Tips How To Increase IQ In Children

Tips How To Increase IQ In Children – Parents certainly crave their children to have high intellectual intelligence, so as to achieve success. Included by equipping a variety of tools and toys to stimulate his intelligence. However, it turns out that experts do not call the latest toys or computer programs as a way of improving Intelligence quotient (IQ) or intellectual intelligence in children.

Tips How To Increase IQ In Children

How To Increase IQ In Children

Apparently a more important factor to consider as a way of improving IQ in children is to strengthen basic skills by maintaining good parenting to build emotional and social relationships between children and their parents or carers. The better this relationship, it will help improve the IQ of the child. Strong basic ability, beneficial for children to improve their ability in the future.

The Role of Attention and Compassion

How to improve a child’s IQ is essential starting from the baby. The quality of care in loving and caring for the Little One, will help the optimal intellectual intelligence.

How parents behave toward infants has a direct influence on their behavior and development. In fact, research shows that babies who are given the affection and full attention of their mothers will have better memory and capture power. This is certainly important for his education.

Until children aged four years, the child’s brain will grow rapidly. A good opportunity to do now is to provide time for learning and mastering skills. However, it does not mean the child’s brain stopped growing at the age of four years. The more children age, the brain will grow into adult life. Staying attentive and full of love for the child to make it feel safe and comfortable, this can simplify the learning process.

Important to Do by Parents

Given the role of attention and affection in improving IQ in children, here are some things that parents can do :

  • Build interaction
    Building bonds and parenting affection for children is the key to improving IQ. In addition, listening to the child’s speech is also very important because it can give the child the impulse and opportunity to express themselves.
  • Read stories together
    Reading a shared story can form an emotional bond with your child. You can teach your children both reading and sharing stories that are useful for triggering conversations, and enriching the vocabulary.
  • Always praise the learning process
    Research shows that children who are praised for their effort and persistence in solving problems tend to have better motivation in school than those who are only told they are smart. Parents should focus on the process of the child, rather than focus on the outcomes alone.
  • Maintain nutrition
    Good nutrition plays an important role in building intelligence. Various foodstuffs can be an option for increased IQ for children. Starting from vegetables, fruits, milk to meat. However, the best thing is the provision of food intake contains nutrients balanced with many vitamins.

How to improve IQ in children to support intellectual intelligence is important, but IQ is not the only one determinant in assessing children. Respect children with their own unique uniqueness. Keep in mind, that taking care of children is not just the responsibility of Mother, attention and affection Father is also important in shaping his character and intelligence. In addition, parents also need to pay attention to other growth factors, such as emotional intelligence is no less important.


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