Tips Look beautiful without any makeup

Tips Look beautiful without any makeup – Many women often interpret the word ‘pretty’ with the use of thick and expensive cosmetics. Moreover, today there are so many beauty products that flood the market with varying prices. The assumption is certainly not entirely true.

Tips Look beautiful
Shown beautiful does not have to take cover behind beauty products with exorbitant prices. True beauty comes from within yourself. Then how to look beautiful without having to use makeup
Here are tips to look beautiful without makeup

1. White Water
Water has an important content to clean the skin, intestines and other organs naturally. In addition, water is also beneficial to get rid of all types of toxins that enter your body. By drinking water regularly (at least 8 glasses / day), your body will be well hydrated, skin looks bright and charming.

2. Let Your Skin Breathe
Apply heavy makeup continuously will make your skin difficulty breathing. The habit is not good for skin health. And it is not possible your skin will experience problems such as acne and premature aging. Therefore, limit the use of makeup every day.

3. Lips Without Lisptick
Beautiful lips are not always associated with certain lipstick colors. Without using lipstick though, you can still look beautiful, really? Try to use a natural moisturizer for your lips to look natural and what it is. Moisturizer works to treat, prevent pigmentation and keep your lips soft and supple.

4. Wash your face
Avoid using hard soap when washing your face. In addition, do not wash your face often with soap because it can remove skin moisture (maximum 2 times a day). Try to utilize natural ingredients around you, such as aloe vera or turmeric.

5. Dental Hygiene
One way to keep your teeth healthy is to brush your teeth regularly. The first thing seen by others is your beautiful smile. The appearance of stains on teeth or yellowish teeth can lower your confidence. So do not let that happen.

6. Cleansing from inside
When the internal organs in your body function naturally and healthily; they will work optimally and can have a positive impact on your skin. Drink warm lemon water plus honey every morning. This method is very effective to cleanse the body from within.

7. Scrubbing
Use a scrub or brush that is not too hard to scrape off dead skin cells. Do these tips regularly to make your skin look healthy and fresh. You can also use a mixture of green tea and wheat powder as a natural scrub for the face.

8. Enough Sleep
If you wish to have beautiful skin and wrinkle free, sleep for 7-8 hours a night is absolutely necessary. Sleep is quite useful to relieve stress and restore energy after the move throughout the day. With enough sleep, collagen production that works for healthy skin will also be normal.

9. Healthy Food
Eating healthy is not an option but should be accustomed to long-term health. Healthy foods also do not have to be expensive. You can eat vegetables and fruits at relatively affordable and easy to find prices. The types of healthy foods include dairy products, fish protein and especially vitamin E is efficacious to improve skin health.

10. Cheap Smile
With a smile, the face of the ordinary face is said to look beautiful. Smiles are also contagious. When you smile at others, almost certainly they will respond with a smile. People who are cheap smiles are also usually much preferred and look more attractive


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