Tips Maintaining Children’s Healt

Tips Maintaining Children’s Healt –  Maintaining and caring for your child’s health is your duty and responsibility as a parent. Current uncertain weather conditions make children vulnerable to various diseases. This is because the immune system (immune system) of children is still not perfect and lack of understanding of children about how to maintain health. Therefore you as a parent should teach early on how to maintain health in children. There are several things you can do to keep your child’s health.

Tips Maintaining Children’s Healt

Tips Maintaining Children's Healt

Familiarize Keeping Children Clean

Germs and diseases will be very easy to develop in a dirty place. Therefore, so that children avoid germs and diseases, you as a parent should pay attention and maintain the health of children. Child hygiene should be on guard ranging from dental hygiene, nails and other body parts and also the cleanliness of the food they eat and clothing in use. If some things are not on guard then the child will be very susceptible to disease.

Consider Nutrition and Child Diet

Keeping your child’s diet and getting all the vitamins and other nutrients must be met. In addition, the daily portion of children’s meals should be fit and balanced. Sufficient nutrition for children can be done by providing a perfect 4 healthy food 5. If the child’s nutrition is fulfilled then the child will not be susceptible to disease. Avoid instant foods or snacks because they do not contain nutrients.

Give Enough Time for Kids

Childhood is a time of growth. Adequate rest will help in the growth process because growth activity occurs when rest or sleep. Rest is an important thing for children to lighten the burden of his brain. So that children are not vulnerable to viruses and diseases then make it a habit for children to have adequate rest time. Allow time for 1 hour’s nap and 8 nights sleep.

Apply Habits To Always Wash hands

Teaching children to always maintain the health of the limbs will prevent them from disease. Teach children to always wash their hands with soap after they go to the toilet and before eating. This is so that children avoid diarrhea or other diseases that are caused by germs that stick in the hands.

Eat fruit

The content of vitamins and other nutrients is very abundant in the fruit. So that children are always healthy and avoid the disease then get used to give the fruit to your child. Fruit can be given directly or served in juice form so that children are more interested and want to eat fruit.


Benefits of honey is very much to maintain health. Providing honey on a regular basis for children is very good for health because it can make the child’s immune system becomes stronger and resistant to virus attacks and diseases. Honey contains all the vitamins that are needed by children like vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin B3 and vitamin A. honey is also very good for brain growth and digestion of children.

Teach Children to Love Vegetables

Benefits of vegetables in addition to helping growth in children, vegetables are also very good for the child’s immune system. Vegetables play an important role in healthy teeth, gums, bones, muscles and skin. Teach and familiarize early on so that children eat vegetables will maintain their body health. Most children are usually difficult to eat vegetables, therefore your role as a parent is in need.

Doing Routine Checkup to Doctor

In order for your child’s health and growth to be monitored, check with your doctor and consult his growth.


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