Tips Maintaining Women’s Reproductive Health

Tips Maintaining Women’s Reproductive Health – Do you know what is reproductive health? Reproductive health is a state of health both physically, mentally, socially intact and not only free from disease but how a person can have a safe and secure life while having the capacity to reproduce.

Tips Maintaining Women’s Reproductive Health

Women's Reproductive Health

To what extent do you maintain reproductive health? Maintaining women’s reproductive health is very important and should be as thorough as possible. Because it is related and support the process of pregnancy and childbirth. There are some ways that are done to keep his health, as the way below is listened to well

Female reproductive health :

  • Always keep your reproductive area clean after urinating or defecating by rinsing from the front to the back.
  • oftenreplace the pads when coming menstruation every 6 hours or more depending on the amount of fluid (blood).
  • If you often do douching habits that enter the finger or ejaculation into the vaginal mouth, although it aims to clean the inside of the vagina. This can eliminate good bacteria (loctobacilli) and can trigger the occurrence of irritation.
  • should avoid the use of soap or perfume on the area of repruductive, because this can trigger the occurrence of irritation or skin allergies, dry and itchy.
  • Get used husband or wife cleanse the genitals after having sex using clean water. Get used to urinate after sex for at least 30 minutes, this is to avoid or reduce the risk of bladder infections.
  • Replace regularly underwear at least 2 to 3 times a day or more if it is not comfortable. Use panty liner if you experience a lot of whitish but do not get used to wear panty liner every day because it will cause disease problems It’s good you do not use underwear when sleeping this is aimed for the circulation of air and blood to be smooth.
  • attentionif your whitish condition occurs outside the time like before or after menstruation, pregnancy, sexual stimulation, climacteric or after menopause. Moreover, if whitish out with a lot of, smelled fishy, ​​yellow, green or brown and accompanied by itching immediately check and consult a doctor.
  •  Avoid use of vaginal cleaning fluid this is because it can cause side effects and even eliminate the ph well in the vagina. Because basically the vagina can eliminate own without having to use soap or cleaning fluid.
  • 9Avoid free sex or multiple couples, it aims to avoid transmission of genital diseases.

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