Tips Nail polish thickens Or Dries

Tips Nail polish thickens Or Dries

Tips Nail polish thickens Or Dries – Tips Nail polish, all the girls will like to see and use. ranging terms of its varied colors, can be drawn in such a manner ranging from elegant up style with unique shapes and interesting characters make polish increasingly popular but the most annoying thing is when we buy nail polish begins to thicken or even dry out.

Tips Nail polish

 Therave some tips for caring for the nail polish ladies

1. When the Tips Nail polish begins to thicken ladies ladies could use Tinner Nail Polish (acetone). Squirt a few drops of acetone in nail polish bottles ladies then cover and shake the bottle. consequently thickened nail polish will be melted. (do not shed acetone too much because too much would Aceton Nail Polish ladies make easily overflow).

2. Ladies can also use the other way again. Ladies prepare water and then boiled until boiling, after boiling water then dip the ladies can be thickened nail polish bottles in boiling water for about half an hour in the inverted position (the position of nail polish cap facing down).
If the nail polish is still slightly thickened ladies can repeat this several times.
Guaranteed to polish the ladies will be in use again.

3. Hair Dryer, before using the nail polish I always warm up a bottle of nail polish me with a hair dryer to warm as a result the nail polish I will be more fluid and easier to use. (when using a hair dryer to dry the nail polish should not be too hot, and old nail polish because it may overflow or even broken bottle).

4. Store in the refrigerator. Many women who store their old bottles of nail polish in the refrigerator. However, Ladies can not store the bottle more than a month since the nail polish will misah and thicken if stored in the refrigerator. So, make sure the ladies use it before it dries.

5. One of the best and easy way to store nail polish is put them in a cool place and away from sunlight.

6. When finished applying nail polish, close the bottle tightly. This will make the polish last longer and not dry.

7. Sometimes, nail polish dries on the outskirts of the bottle so that we are hard to open. If the nail polish bottle neck can not be opened, trying to fill a small glass or cup with acetone (nail polish eraser). Dip the neck of the bottle and continue for several minutes in order to open easily.

Now That’s Some Tips from I to for the current edition. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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