Tips Natural Beauty Care

Tips Natural Beauty Care – There are some natural body care tips to take care of the body that you should do everyday. If a woman craves physical excellence, then not a few of them will do various ways to overcome the dream. Whether it’s a job demands, for a spouse or a must it is more or more attractive to look at.

Tips Natural Beauty Care

1. Use soap with low Ph
Does your skin type tend to dry especially when finished bathing, this may be the soap you use does not match your skin. So you should choose a soap that has the content of Ph light or lebut, so tida damage the skin texture that can cause dry skin.

2. Shower with shower
Using water shower is very good for maintaining skin softness compared with bath bath. Use warm water nails and not too hot because it can erode the skin’s natural moisture.

3. Water consumption
Water works to prevent skin from dehydration which can lead to dry and dull skin texture. Consumption of 8 glasses of water or 2 liters of water every day for skin nourishment and skin health.

4. Use lotion
Do not forget to use lotion after bathing so the skin can always be moist and avoid drought. Do not forget also to dry the skin using a towel so that the skin is not scratched.

5. Use sunblock
Sunblock serves to protect the skin from sunburn that can burn the skin. Choose sunblock with spf tailored to your quit type, use regularly and regularly.

6. Consumption of healthy foods with balanced nutrition
Consumption of healthy foods with balanced nutrition is also important for skin health. Expand the consumption of vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin E and anti oxidants that can melindungin moisture and maintain skin health and beauty.

7. Enough night rest
By applying regular sleep 7 to 8 hours every night can maintain the health and freshness of the skin the next morning.

8. Avoid smoking
If your skin wants to look youthful, fresh, bright every time one of them is to avoid smoking. The content of chemicals in cigarettes is badly affect the health of the body and skin.

9. Weather factor
There are some people who have sensitivity such as cold weather, unfriendly angina and sun. This allows the skin to become dry, uncomfortable, scaly and others. Find ways to protect your skin from the weather.


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