Tips To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies

Tips To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies – According to statistics, for every 100 cosmetics users, there are 10 users who are allergic to cosmetics. And the truth is that we do sometimes worsen the buffer with beauty products.
In addition, depending on the area of ​​residence of each person, the immune system response in the body to certain compounds can cause cosmetic allergies. This explains why some users are still suffering from spending money on beauty doctors when using branded cosmetics

Tips To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies

Read the composition thoroughly before using
our wisdom is sometimes fascinated by advertisements or branded labels … without knowing whether it really suits you.
The first thing you need to do is to read the ingredients list and instructions on using the product. If it contains allergic ingredients you’ve ever used, it is not recommended at all. In addition, it should be noted that toxic chemicals are often found in cosmetics to add product quality.

Try it out first
When you use a new product certainly try to see if it can irritate the skin. Apply some on hand, after 24 hours if there is no response, then you can be sure to use it. In each type of cosmetics usually contain 7-15 different chemicals.
According to experience, for general cosmetic products you should choose a simple formula because there are many different chemical components, the greater the risk of allergies.
Use cosmetics with products that contain natural ingredients, limiting aromatic products that smell too stingy because it often contains artificial aroma.

Cheap Cosmetic Products
Beauty products can be classified as special products, not cheap, and there is certificate.
Many women often buy cosmetics because of being tempted by cosmetic promotions. Most likely you will buy expired use then of course you can not use all the cosmetics in no time. And it gets worse if you try to use it as a cosmetic you use without knowing if you are allergic to the cosmetics.

signs of cosmetic allergy

  • Feeling sick, itching intermittently for 10 minutes.
  • Itching, rash may be on the first blister and then move to another part and become a red rash. Usually the eye area is most often exposed to the phenomenon.
  • Facial skin swollen, acne, occasionally feeling chest shortness of breath
  • The skin becomes black or white pigmentation because some chemicals or substances extracted from plants respond to light.

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