Seven Easy Tips To Sharpen Brain Memory

Seven Easy Tips to Sharpen Brain Memory – Having a genius brain is everyone’s dream. Despite the fact, only a few have genius brains like physicist Albert Einstein and several other scientists. One of the hallmarks of having a genius brain is that it can solve complicated problems and remember something quickly whether it is the memory of the present or the memory of the past. Then, are there any tips to sharpen our brain’s memory?

Sharpen Brain Memory

Having a sharp memory remember is needed by everyone. We may feel annoyed, when putting things in a place and when needed, we forget where to put it. So having a good memory is needed in all conditions and circumstances. This time health tips will feature an article that may be very valuable to the reader. Here are tips to sharpen your brain’s memory :

1. Brain Gymnastics. Interrupt the density of your activity, try to do brain gymnastics. Brain gym can be done by giving some questions that you have to answer yourself. Like, mention 10 items in the kitchen, 10 items in the study or the school room, or other questions.
2. Brain Food. Like the body, the brain also needs nutrients or food for better memory. Types of foods that are good for nutrition or brain food are green vegetables (Spinach and other green vegetables) and fish (in this case tuna and salmon).
3. Enough White Water. All the organs of our body is no exception the brain requires water to support its performance to be more optimal. In this case, drinking enough water is a very useful thing to sharpen your brain’s memory. Ideally we should drink water 8 glasses of water every day.
4. Brain Rest. Try to rest your brain when it’s been working all day. Sleep is the most effective way to rest your brain and mind. In order to wake up, the brain is more fresh and able to work optimally in helping our daily activity that is in dire need of the work of the brain in addition to our physical. With rest or sleep can sharpen our brain’s memory.
5. Give Rest Pause. For those of you who do activities that are in need of memory of your brain. It’s good, you rest your brain for a few minutes. In order for your brain more fresh again in remembering various things in your work.
6. Play Crossword Puzzle. Filling in hidden words in crosswords is a powerful way to train your brain’s memory.
7. Playing Brain Memory. Trying to remember memories of the beautiful past is one of the tips to sharpen your brain’s memory. Like memories with your friends at school and college or other good memories.


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