Toddlers Watch TV, Here’s a guide

Toddlers Watch TV, Here’s a guide

Toddlers Watch TV, Here's a guide
Toddlers Watch TV

In a day, how many hours your toddlers watch television? Make sure that they are watching the channel and in the not too long. You know that the channel and the programs can become an addiction that can make your child hooked. It is not good for the physical development of children because they will mostly sit quietly and passively.

So, in order to baby ladies are not too fond of watching tivi and they do not grow into a passive child, then the ladies as parents must watch the channel and control the activities of your baby. As quoted from the site, in a day, the maximum time watching tivi good for toddlers is two hours. After two hours, turn off tivi.

It is also important to turn off the channel and the time your baby is eating. This allows the children to focus on the dish in front of him.

In addition, to avoid children watching tivi all the time, put in the room channel and less “comfortable”. Putting the channel and in the family room provides easy access to the channel and the children while they are playing, eating, or studying. So, better place the channel and in the other room. When children play or eat, they will be out of the room.

Next, ladies should supervise children properly while watching tivi. Given the present channel and the impression sometimes does not give a good example, then the ladies have to select the good impressions of my children are watching. Choose programs that educate children. After the channel and the program that you choose for your child is finished, immediately turn off the channel and and gesture to the child to perform the next activity.

If the ladies want your baby is not too maniac with watching tivi, then you should be a good example for baby: do not watch too much tivi. When the ladies look concentrating and listening to a channel and the program with enthusiasm, then the baby could catch that channel and is a source of entertainment fun.

Another thing which is also important is the damping of your baby while watching tivi. You indeed have selected the program that is “safe” to watch children, but ladies can not guarantee 100 percent, not, if the program is completely safe. So, damping the child to direct and give an explanation to the baby.


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