Research Facts behind Advice Turn off Gadgets before Bed

Turn off Gadgets Before Bed, this advice often heard for loyal users of the gadget, while using the gadget when going to bed which is believed to have adverse effects on health. It is undeniable that today, it seems difficult to escape from the gadget even though it was only a day. Moreover, if the demands of busy life and work require us to always check gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets. However, as much as anything we use gadgets, make sure we always disable or turn off gadgets before bed.

Turn off Gadgets before Bed

If you have a habit of reading electronic books (e-books) before going to bed, it’s time to kick the habit. Reporting from, a simple study in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences said that the habit of reading an e-book before bed can prevent us from getting a healthy sleep. Thus, it can be said that advice turn off gadgets before bed is right, to help you get healthy sleep.

The results, compared with printed books, e-book reduces drowsiness, REM sleep, and levels of melatonin (a hormone produced before bed). In other words, participants who read the e-book before sleep took longer for fall asleep and difficulty waking in the morning.
In addition to e-books, mobile phones, LED monitors, and laptops can also cause sleep disorders. The gadget emits blue light that are useful in the daytime because it can “tell” the brain for stay awake but not good to use at night, because at night, your body has need time to rest. So here really need to turn off gadgets before bed.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, it could be the cause are you still using the gadgets before bed or do not turn off gadgets before bed. If you want to get healthy and quality sleep, a few hours before going to bed, turn off gadgets before bed. At least, not stare at the screen any gadget that emits blue light. Instead, you can do other activities that relax the body such as reading a book (but not e-book) or perform simple yoga to relax the muscles of the body. Now of course you already know the facts behind the advice turn off gadgets before bed. Yes, if you managed to throw a bad habit to use gadgets before bed, surely you will get healthy and quality sleep. In addition to turn off gadgets before bed, do not forget to turn off bedroom light, because it also can improve the quality of your sleep.


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