How to Use Mascara for Perfect Look

How to Use Mascara for Perfect Look – Mascara is one of the important makeup tools that should be in a make-up bag, which works to thicken and add volume to your lashes. Your eyes will look big, open and more attractive. You can see from the following photos what the difference after mascara is used on the face.

Mascara for Perfect Look

It’s easier to use mascara if you use a mirror. Use mascara to the roots of the eyelashes in a zigzag movement to make sure the mascara is evenly distributed on your lashes. For a natural look it applies only one sweep, but if you want more volume then use mascara for two or three times (reapplied). If you wear eyeliner and eyeshadow as well, please use it first.

Avoid pumping air into Mascara (mascara tube), as this can make quick dry mascara or contaminate with bacteria. The best mascara is the mascara that in the first six months after you buy it, so do not let it hang around in the make-up bag for years because it will reduce its quality!

If your lashes are straight you can make your lashes curly / flush before you use mascara, as this will help open your eyes. If you find a lump of mascara on your eyelids, use a cotton bud and eye make-up remover and apply gently with a cotton bud.

I want to apply a little mascara for lower lashes, usually this will be a little tricky. Try changing the position of the mascara handle and brush the mascara through the eyelashes gently slowly. If you want more natural, look softer, try dark brown mascara as a black alternative. If you have very evenly and long eyelashes, and lashes that will make your eyes look more beautiful.

If you find your eyelashes collect and you want to separate them, gently comb them with an eyebrow brush. Use Eyes Brow Pencil Brush is good.

As you can see from this photo, both eyelashes have been smeared by mascara and make the eyes look much clearer and more open. Even if you do not want to wear any other makeup, a touch of mascara can make a big difference so it’s worth looking for the right mascara for you.


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