Utilizing Petroleum Jelly For Your Daily Needs

Utilizing Petroleum Jelly For Your Daily Needs – Petroleum jelly or petrolatum is a mixture of mineral oil and wax that form a jelly-like substance. This rather thick and odorless or tasty substance has many benefits for your daily needs. Some of the benefits you can apply daily such as to cope with dry skin, heal minor skin injuries and minor burns, remove eye makeup, prevent diaper rash, and so forth.

Utilizing Petroleum Jelly For Your Daily Needs

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is generally safe to use and can be used as an occlusive moisturizer (inhibits the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin), which can prevent your skin from drying out.

Useful for your Skin Care

It’s no stranger if petroleum jelly can overcome the dry skin problems you experience. You can experience dry skin anytime and anywhere. Dry skin is a very common condition, this can cause a delicate flake caused by exfoliation of dry skin. Not only because of the weather or cold temperatures, such things as steam baths or hot water baths, congenital medical conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, irritable soaps that can relieve skin moisture, irritation, and age can cause dry skin.

This petroleum jelly can be used for face, dry body skin, cracked or dry feet, and chapped lips. Its use is easy enough, for face and skin, you can apply petroleum jelly after bathing.

As for overcoming dry or cracked feet, you can soak your feet in warm water by adding salt to the water. Soak feet for a few minutes, then dry your feet with a towel. Next, apply petroleum jelly and use clean cotton socks. Then, leave it for the night. To overcome the problem of chapped lips, you just need to apply petroleum jelly to your lips, like when you use lipstick.

Not only useful for your skin, apparently petroleum jelly also has benefits for the skin of your baby, which prevents diaper rash. This is a common condition that can make the skin feel pain, red, scaly, and sore. Some causes of diaper rash, namely the irritation, infection, and allergies.

Petroleum jelly has been shown to reduce the incidence or problems of diaper rash in infants. For its use is quite easy. Before applying petroleum jelly, you need to clean and wipe the skin of a baby who is exposed to diaper rash by using a towel. Creams and ointments containing zinc oxide or petroleum jelly can help soothe skin and protect the skin’s moisture.

To keep skin moist everyday you also need to meet the body fluids with multiply drinking water and eating regularly. Because when the body is deficient in fluid, the skin and mucosa of the body (like lips) will feel dry and uncomfortable. For optimal skin care, maintaining a healthy body condition plus the use of petroleum jelly as a skin moisturizer is the right step.

Although it has many benefits of petroleum jelly, but you can only use it for external use only. Do not eat it, put petroleum jelly into your body, or use it on open wounds. If the various benefits of petroleum jelly that has been described above is not able to overcome your skin problems or any baby, immediately consult your condition to the doctor to get the right handling.


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