Waxing Tips safe for skin

Waxing Tips safe for skin

Waxing Tips safe for skin – The day of the wedding and the honeymoon trip, you are obliged to perform the ritual of beauty treatments. Perwatan one not to miss is waxing. So that you do not doubt, it turns out there is to know of this treatment. Do the following to waxing you do not have a negative impact on your skin.

Waxing Tips

1.Elastic wax

Unlike a hard wax that eating slower and painful process, elastic wax to prepare the skin beforehand to relax and adjust to body temperature. Wax can be spread more widely so that it can release without much fur on the body parts that had to be pulled by force. This process is more comfortable to the skin.

2. Select the appropriate

Bikini wax treatments will be the right choice if you will be a lot of activity on the beach, because it will be smoothed feathers of the panty line. Thus, this treatment is very fitting for you to be wearing a bikini or swimsuit. Brazilian wax while lifting all the hair until the skin feels smooth and softer. Do not forget also the legs and underarm area in order to look more perfect.

3.Cut first

Before doing waxing, you should do a trim first. However, do not be too short in order to remain part of the hair that can be attached to the wax, so it can be pulled out completely.

4.On time

We will do waxing again, do it on time. Do not be too fast or too long is also to maximize the net feathers from the skin. The time needed normally ranges from four to six weeks.

5. Trusted place

Salon you choose to do the waxing must be assured of cleanliness, with experts trained to perform waxing. When it will begin, do not forget to always ask before and after the procedure and the type of treatment available.

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