Ways To Flat Hair To Look Beautiful

Ways To Flat Hair To Look Beautiful¬†– Having a thick hair sparkling is certainly a woman’s desires. In order to get thick hair and look beautiful not infrequently women willing to spend deeply for a variety of treatments. In fact, there are still some ways of hair melebatkan a simple and inexpensive.

Ways To Flat Hair To Look Beautiful

Ways To Flat Hair To Look Beautiful

Thin hair can be caused by various things, ranging from certain health conditions to the wrong hair treatment. For a woman, having thin hair can lower self-esteem. To overcome it and get thick hair, it is important to know how to hair and how to care for the right hair.

How to Melulatkan Natural and Easy Hair

If you want to get bushy and natural hair, in addition to knowing the various materials, you also need more patience to get the results. Check out some of the ways below:

Use a mask mask

Perhaps this type of spice grains is not quite familiar in your ears. But in fact, using a mask of hair is believed to be a friend can be a way of hair melebatkan naturally. Kelabat or fenugreek are cultivated plants all over the world and are commonly found in Indian cooking spices. How to make it, soak a few seeds of relatives into the water for approximately 10 hours. Once done, stir until evenly distributed and become thick enough to be used as a mask.

Apply to hair and let stand for about half an hour, then rinse your hair using the water used when soaking the kernels. Not only can make the hair become dense, the relatives are also believed to reduce dandruff.

Use an egg mask

Eggs contain proteins that are believed to be needed by the hair and can help in hair melebatkan. The trick is easy, just mix the sap of aloe vera with two eggs (according to the length of your hair). Let stand for approximately 15 minutes, then wash thoroughly with warm water.

Eat enough protein for a more dense hair

Hair growth cycle is divided into 3 parts, namely anagen, telogen, and katagen. Anagen is a growth phase with a span of time between 24 months to 8 years. In this phase, hair follicles actively form and grow hair. A catagen is a transitional phase during which hair follicles become deformed within 14 days to 21 days. The phase of the catagens is marked by hair clumps that suddenly fall out.

Whereas telogen is the phase in which the resting hair is visible from the presence of white color in the root of hair is uprooted. This cycle can be damaged if the hair lacks protein. Therefore, if you want hair growth is not hampered and hair becomes dense, make sure the hair gets enough protein both from the outside and from within. For example by eating legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, and lean meats.

Avoid hair thinning with iron

Not only protein, hair also requires iron so as not to fall out and dwindle. You are advised to consume enough iron every day. You can get iron from foods such as spinach, oysters, offal, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, legumes, and iron-fortified cereals. Do not take iron supplements without doctor’s advice, too much iron can actually harm the body.


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