Seven Ways To Reduce Face Wrinkles

Seven Ways To Reduce Face Wrinkles – Wrinkles are a sign that your age is no longer young – because the wrinkles will appear as a sign of the aging process. Although many women consider that skin aging is inevitable, however, you can still make the facial wrinkles less.

Seven Ways To Reduce Face Wrinkles

Ways To Reduce Face Wrinkles

Tips to reduce wrinkles by changing lifestyle

Wrinkles on the face can arise due to some habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, not using sunscreen when exposed to sunlight, bathing with hot water for too long, too often face wash, and so forth. Therefore, here are some things you can do to reduce facial wrinkles:

1. Do not wash your face too often

To maintain the cleanliness of facial skin, a person often washes face too often. They assume that the more wash the face, the better because it will make the face always in a clean state.

Indeed, not entirely wrong. It’s just that, washing too often is not recommended. Washing the face too often can remove moisture and natural oils that play a role in preventing the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

2. Use sunscreen

The main causes of wrinkles include too much exposure to sunlight, and you do not use sunscreen to protect your skin. A study shows that more sun exposure is the cause of the appearance of wrinkles compared with hereditary factors. The study also found that people who are rarely exposed to sunlight have less wrinkles and look younger than those who are often exposed to sunlight.

Therefore, you are advised to use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

3. Do not smoke

Smoking has long been known to have adverse effects on skin health. Studies have even shown that cigarettes can cause premature aging of the skin by producing enzymes that will break down collagen and skin elasticity. Other studies have also shown that smoking can increase the risk of wrinkles faster and make skin thinner than nonsmokers.

4. Get enough sleep

When you are not getting enough sleep, your body will produce cortisol, a hormone that will break down your skin cells. But when you sleep enough, at least six to eight hours a day, then your body will produce HGH or Human Growth Hormone that can maintain skin elasticity to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain many antioxidants that can fight free radicals on the skin that can damage the skin. Consumption of fruits and vegetables can also help make the skin younger and prevent premature aging.

6. Eat more soybeans

Soy can improve the appearance of your skin and protect it. A study shows that soy can help protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight. In fact, a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition shows that soy-based supplements can improve the structure and skin firmness after six months of use.

7. Eat more fish, especially salmon

Collagen levels in the body will decrease with age. In fact, collagen is very important in the body in preparing muscles, joints, and skin, because 70 percent of the skin is collagen. Therefore, it is important for you to keep collagen, one of them by multiply the consumption of fish.

Fish is a great source of protein and essential fatty acids known as omega 3 which can help reduce wrinkles on the skin. Salmon contains astaxanthin and carotenoid that can improve skin elasticity, so as to minimize the growth of fine lines marks of wrinkles.

In addition, you are also recommended for consumption of vitamin C because the formation of collagen in the body will be more optimal if the needs of vitamin C in the body is met. Vitamin C can increase the amount of collagen of your skin, protect the skin from damage caused by UV exposure, and help reduce redness, dark spots, and uneven skin color


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