Wear Smartphone, Increasingly Not Happy!

Smartphone has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Even, we often think that the smartphone is fun entertainment. You can play games, chat with friends and more. Can see the video, read and read forums, watch movies, online shopping and so on. But in fact, the more often you use a smartphone, you potentially unhappy. A study conducted at Kent State University writes that the excessive use of smartphones (including tablets and friends) will suck your happiness.

This study was conducted on 500 groups of students. They were divided into three groups based on the length of time to enjoy smartphone, launched by huffingtonpost.com. The result… They are using a smartphone very often it was found suffering from stress and anxiety for a long time. It will get worse when they have to interact socially directly. The results of this study are found in people who use smartphones more than 3 hours per day.

The researchers suggested that we use smartphones wisely. Sometimes, drinking tea in the courtyard house and talked with family or friends is making people feel happy in the real sense. Yes, smartphones on the other hand it could be their own entertainment, but if excessive use can even make us not happy. Instead of staring at a screen all day smartphone, find a time to meet old friends or just chatting with family, and gathered together. Excessive use of the smartphone can also be bad for your health.


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