Effective Weight Loss during the Fasting Month

During the fasting month, most assume this is the time to do effective weight loss. So, how to lose weight effectively be done? Ramadan may be a chance for you to enjoy your favorite foods, because you think you deserve it after fasting all day. However if you are freed to that, it will make your weight increase. Surely you do not want that to happen.

Fasting Month

If you want to lose weight during the fasting month, there is no harm in following the effective weight loss during the month of Ramadan. Here’s how you can do:

  • The key to effective weight loss during the fasting month is hydration. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and will control your craving for sugar after fasting. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Avoid caffeinated drinks and you can replace it with the herbs that can help your digestion.
  • In the month of fasting, your metabolism and your energy will decrease. Eating dates when breaking the fast, able to cover your body needs to sugar. Then continue with snacks such as soups and vegetables, before starting to consume heavy meals.
    Do not skip the meal before starting the fast, because if you neglect it will end up with excessive eating when breaking the fast. When choosing food for sahur, limit salt in order you do not easily thirsty. It also should consist of complex carbohydrates and protein.
  • Fasting is not a reason for you to laze around all day. In the month of Ramadan you should remain active, but avoid the sun when the heat was at peak. Remember that you will burn more of fat when your stomach is empty. Therefore it remains active.
  • One of the main causes of weight gain during the fasting month is the food you eat to break the fast which usually consists of sweet food. You stay away from excess sugar. It will be effective thing that will give you a surprise on the scales. So, effective weight loss can be done this way.

Those are some ways that can be done for effective weight loss. In addition to the above, of course, still many other ways, but it all depends on your desire to do so. Effective weight loss during the fasting month will be successful if it is accompanied by a strong motivation to perform weight loss.


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