What Happens to the Body When We Stress

What Happens to the Body When We Stress ? – This is an indisputable fact. We’ve heard a lot of people who suffer from certain diseases and not clear diagnosis and doctors call the cause because of stress.

What Happens to the Body When We Stress

How exactly the effect of mental stress or stress on our body?

1. Disrupt the digestive system
Various studies say there is a link between the brain with our digestive system. In fact, the digestive system is often referred to as the “second brain”. No wonder when we are stressed or anxious, we often feel stomach pain, nausea, or difficult to defecate.

2. Exacerbate STDs
Too much stress of the mind can aggravate cramps, bloating, and also unstable mood during menstruation.

3. Exacerbates blood sugar
Bad news for you who suffer from type 2 diabetes. When we are stressed, the body will be flooded with stress hormones. Meanwhile, the liver will produce more glucose to give us energy to deal with stress.

Most people can reabsorb blood sugar, but not so with those who are at risk of diabetes or type 2 diabetes. As a result, blood sugar levels will soar.

4. Pain
Stretching muscles, headaches, and other pains, will be more pronounced when we are under stress. Although our bodies do have mechanisms to deal with stressful moments and also react quickly, but stress is not intended in the long term. No wonder if perceived is chronic pain.

5. Risk of heart attack
When we are tense and stressed, the heartbeat will be faster and stress hormones are produced more. In the long run it increases the risk of heart attack or hypertension.


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